Lost Mary OM20000 Pro Review: A Comprehensive Look

Recently, Lost Mary OM20000 Pro has caught vapers’ attention. It is a long-lasting disposable vape provides up to 20k puffs. What’s more, it can adjust the vaping wattage and airflow. Its function is similar to some pod kit except that it can’t refill the e-liquid. So, let’s follow my review to learn more about it.

What is Lost Mary MO20000 Pro?

The Lost Mary MO20000 Pro is an advanced disposable vape device from Lost Mary. It is a powerful disposable vape in 2024. It offers a customizable vaping experience with its high puff capacity, adjustable power settings. Up to 20000 puffs designed providing a long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience for enthusiasts.

Lost Mary MO20000 Pro Specification List

  • Nicotine Level: 5% (50mg/mL)
  • Premium E-Liquid: 18ML
  • Battery: 800mAh with USB Type-C Charging
  • Puff Count: Up to 20,000 puffs
  • Coil: 0.9ohm mesh coil
  • Variable Output Power: Ranges from 13W to 25W
  • E-Juice Capacity: Pre-filled with 18 ml of e-juice
  • Dimensions: 36x30x105mm
  • Battery Size: 800mAh
  • Charge Port: USB-C
  • Dimensions: 43.4mm x 21.8mm x 82.3mm

Design and Build Quality

Lost Mary OM20000 Pro is its modern, stylish design. It looks similar to its Lost Mary 0M5000 but has a large display screen indicating the battery, e-liquid capacity, etc.

It boasts a robust build with high-quality materials that ensure durability while maintaining a lightweight feel. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand. It is easy to carry and use throughout the day.


When delving into performance, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro stands out as a top contender. Its robust battery and state-of-the-art technology ensure a consistently gratifying vaping experience.

Performance Highlights

  • Battery Life: The 800mAh battery delivers enduring power, minimizing recharging frequency and enabling uninterrupted vaping sessions throughout the day.
  • Vapor Production: Leveraging an advanced coil system, this device generates rich, flavorful vapor, elevating the overall vaping pleasure.
  • Wattage & Airflow Control: Enjoy precise wattage adjustments from 13W to 15W, tailoring your airflow and wattage to match your preferred vaping style.


Loaded with functionalities appealing to novices and seasoned vapers alike, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro sets itself apart in the vape market.

Notable Features

  • Adjustable Power Settings: Personalize your vaping journey with adjustable wattage and voltage options that align with your taste.
  • Safety Protections: Benefit from built-in safety features like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and automatic cut-off for secure usage.
  • OLED Display: Stay informed with a vibrant OLED screen displaying real-time data on battery status, wattage, voltage, and coil resistance for easy monitoring.
  • Quick Charging: Embrace fast charging capabilities that minimize downtime and swiftly get you back to your vaping groove.


Crafted for user convenience, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro boasts a user-friendly design with straightforward setup and intuitive controls, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Ease of Use

  • One-Button Operation: Simplify your vaping encounters with a single-button interface, streamlining the vaping process for a hassle-free experience.


With its diverse feature set, superior performance, and durable construction, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro presents exceptional value for its price point. Whether you’re a vaping novice seeking a dependable starter kit or a seasoned enthusiast eyeing an upgrade, this device promises a worthwhile investment.


In summary, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro is a standout choice in the world of disposable vapes. If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-rich disposable vape, the Lost Mary OM20000 Pro is definitely worth considering.



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